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List of NAO 2011-12 Retirements
(As of December 31)

I was expecting a 2011-2012 NAO retirement list to be posted on the official NAO web site at the end of 2012, but no list was forthcoming. Nevertheless, there do appear to have been some retirements, and I've constructed the list here by matching my catalog with NAO's historical and retail catalogs as posted on its web site to see what was actually moved to the historical catalogue in 2011-12. So here we go!

  • 185G, "Dancer with Veil" [matte version was retired 1991]
  • 230G, "Girl Yawning" [matte version retired 1991]
  • 236G, "Girl Praying" [matte version retired 1991]
  • 243, "Turned Duck" [looking back]
  • 245, "Optimistic Duck" [head raised]
  • 305, "Don Quixote Reading"
  • 368, "Two Ducklings"
  • 418, "Flamenco"
  • 450, "Out of the Rough"
  • 451, "Fore"
  • 563G, "Girl with Dog" [matte version retired 1991]
  • 1370, "My Perfect Bundle" [black baby]
  • 1481, "Winged Angel"
  • 1496, "My Little Queen"
  • 1497, "My Little King"
  • 1500, "Our First Kiss"
  • 1531, "Vocal Melody"
  • 1532, "Shake a Melody"

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