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Zaphir Catalog - Unknown Items

Generic Name Description Est. Value Thumbnail
[Romantic Grouping] Classical grouping of pair of semi-nude male and female figures $450-$550
[Valencian Girl with Pot and Bird] Little girl in Valencian hairstyle and dress, seated with arms around pottery jug and looking at bird perched in her lap $150-$200
[Zaphir Woman in Regional Dress] Woman in kerchief, apron, and ethnic/regional European dress of unknown origin. Shawl has pink cross on bodice. 9.5" H. $125-$150
[Zaphir Fisherman and Girl] Man holding fish by tail and standing next to little girl holding a napkin-covered basket. $300-$350
[Zaphir Flamenco Dancer] Flamenco dancer in white dress with violet dots and ruffled violet hem, pink blossom in hair. $125-$150
[Zaphir Elegant Lady] Woman in white hat looking back and holding onto her long pink gown with ruffled hem and low, square-cut neckline. $300-$350
[Zaphir Boy with Churn or Musical Instrument] Boy with knitted cap and open mouth kneeling before what looks like a butter churn. (Photo by David Tyrer.) $50-$100
[Zaphir Rabbit] Small rabbit stretching. Although this model is pictured here, it is likely to be one of the 1001 to 1003 "rabbits" listed on the Zaphir animals catalog page. I'm placing it here because I don't know which of those three mdoels this one is. (Photo courtesy of Zaphir collector Carlos Abrego.) $100-$125
Swan Planter Open swan planter. (Photo courtesy of Trudi Widick.) $50-$75
Polecat (Photo courtesy of Diego Vicente de Juan.) $50-$75
[Zaphir Display Plaque] Pyramid-shaped sign, probably made for dealer display purposes. Because Zaphir had no logo, the display sign looks much plainer than the ones for other Lladró brands. The word "Chirivella" on the plaque wa the town where the Zaphir factory was located. Valencia was the region, and España, of course, was the country. $20-$25
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